Аbout the winemaker:

LAGVINARI is a small, organic winery in Georgia, founded by Doctor Eko Glonti.
He works closely with local, artisan grape growers and uses both-indigenous grape varieties and ancient winemaking techniques (fermenting grapes in kvevri), to promote sustainable Georgian farming and preserve its rich cultural heritage. 
Wine production in Georgia dates back to the Bronze Age and, it is said, the word wine, or vin, is derived from the Georgian ღვინო...‘gvino’.
Georgia's traditional winemaking method of fermenting grapes in earthenware, egg-shaped vessels has been added to the world heritage list of the United Nations educational, scientific and cultural organisation (UNESCO).
Lagvinari at the moment is listed in many top end Michelin star restaurants and at the famous HEDONISM wine shop in London.
Lagvinari is exported to the UK, Norway, Austria and France.
From 2016 Lagvinari wines shall be shipped to Ukraine (importer-Good Wine), USA and Germany.

Country, region: Georgia, Imereti

Grapes: Aladasturi

Winemaker: Eko Glonti

Vintage: 2018

Sugar: dry

Alcohol: 14%

Volume: 0,75

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